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Everyone who wants to protect the device from malware will want to install Norton. Then many of you might think who will want to uninstall Norton. Because it has so many useful features so uninstalling it from the devices is not advisable. But there are certain circumstances when you will have to uninstall it from your device.

uninstall norton

Some of those circumstances are:

  1. If you have a problem in the process of updating Norton, then you can plan to uninstall it and again reinstall.
  2. When you find that Norton is not scanning the device properly, that indicates it has some problem in the functioning. In that situation, you have to uninstall Norton and again install it back.
  3. You may need to uninstall Norton if you find that you have completed the installation and activation process but still it has not started functioning.
  4. If you are not using the device on which you have installed Norton for accessing Norton, then you can remove it from that device.

As we know there are few simple steps in the process of installation similarly there are few steps in the process of uninstallation too.  If you want to uninstall it as you are no more accessing the internet on that device or due to any other reason mentioned above, then you will again have to follow some steps to uninstall it. If you find these steps complicated, or difficult to follow then you can take help from the executives of the Norton customer service team who will help you instantly with proper assistance in the steps.

What are the steps of uninstallation:

  • You have to first open the application folder for starting the process. Here you will have to double click on Norton security. If you are unable to find this application folder then you have to contact the Norton help team who will not only guide you to find this folder but they will guide you through all the remaining steps.
  • After click on the Norton security, you will get the menu bar. From where you have to click on the uninstall icon. This is a vital step so if you need any help then make sure that you avail help on this step itself. If you go wrong on this step, then it will become quite difficult for you to complete the entire process.
  • Suppose you can’t find the menu option, or you can’t click on the uninstall Norton icon then you can take the help of the support team. But before you go for seeking any help you have to make sure that you are present on the windows of Norton security application.
  • In the security confirmation window, you have to click on the uninstall icon. This will help you to uninstall it completely. If you have a problem in understanding it then you can take help from experts by calling in the support number. You will have to uninstall it when you find that there is some problem in Norton installation
  • So, after you have clicked on the uninstall icon, you will find space where you need to type your administrator account name and password. Once you successfully enter these details you have to click on install helper. In case you forget the password, then you have to take the help of Norton support The executives of the team will help you instantly with immediate assistance.
  • Finally, after you click on the install helper icon you will find that the uninstaller window will appear. You have to click on that for restarting it now. If you have any doubts about any of the steps, then you can dial the support and seek help from the support team.

These are the steps to uninstall antivirus from the device. You have to follow these steps to remove it and you have to again follow the same steps of installation for getting back on the same device especially when you have Norton update problem.

What are the other steps of uninstallation?
  • You have again click on the application folder. Suppose you can’t find this folder then you can’t proceed with the steps so you have to contact the support team for help.
  • After you open then you have to double click Symantec uninstaller. This step will lead to the process of uninstallation.
  • You have to select the checkbox that is present next to the Norton applications. After that, you have to click on the uninstall icon and confirm the process.
  • At last, you have to type your administrator account password in the authenticate window. Once the inputting is completed you need to click ok.
  • In the windows which contain the list of deleted items there, you have to click on close. These are another set of steps that will help you to uninstall Norton successfully from your device.