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Problems are part of any technical software whether it is email account or antivirus. Internet comes with lots of benefits but along with there are numerous demerits like viruses that users have to face. Often Norton antivirus is used for providing the protection of the device from any such situation. But there are times when some or other problems arise in it and stops its functioning. In that situation, Norton help is required which can solve all the issues that arise in the duration of its usage. But before solving the issues you have to know the actual cause of the problem, then only it could be solved.

Norton Help

How does the Norton auto-fix feature work?

  • The technical support team makes sure that before starting the steps of resolution of the issues you are connected with the internet. If you are not connected or you have a problem in the connection, then you will not be able to use Norton auto fix which could be used for solving all sorts of issues. If you want to know about this feature in detail, then you can take help of Norton customer service
  • For starting the usage of this feature, you have to first access it from your Norton main window which enables additional product support. In case you unable to understand where to click or you have difficulty in the Norton installation process then you have to make sure that you install it successfully on your device.
  • As soon as you start the auto-fix it will perform the quick scan of your computer and it will repair all the problems without your intervention. That means you have to simply download this feature and start scanning and it will automatically detect the problem and then proceed with the steps of resolution. Norton help team is always there to assist you whenever there is an issue present in the process. You can also seek expert help when you find that the quick scan is not working and hence not detecting the fault.
  • Whenever you have any difficulty while using the Norton antivirus you have to consult the Norton support They will help you through the online forum, chat, email or via telephone. Whatever way you find convenient you can use for contacting the support team. It is the only way after the Norton auto-fix feature by which you can get rid of the issues easily.
  • When you call us in the Norton help number, you will find that our technicians present there help you to resolve more complex problems with the help of remote assistance technology. This is a technology where there is no need for the technicians to be in front of you. According to this feature, the technicians can access your computer as remote users and they will be able to perform maintenance service remotely. This prevents your hassle of visiting the customer service center.
  • You have to ensure that you regularly update Norton, then only it will function properly. But You should download the updater from the website and then follow the steps for updating it and if you need help or you have Norton update problem then you should consult the technicians without any delay. They will take appropriate steps for resolving the issue and hence update Norton on your device successfully.
  • In case you find that the device on which you have installed Norton for providing it protection from malware is no more used for accessing the internet then you should uninstall Norton from that device. You can further install the same file on some other device on which you are currently accessing the internet by following the steps of uninstallation in the proper format.

How the problem could be solved using the Norton auto-fix feature?

  1. In order to use this feature, you have to visit the help page from the Norton main product.
  2. There you have to follow the steps that are mentioned in the Norton auto fix. If you find that you are having difficulty in fixing it up, then there is a possibility that there is a poor internet connection.
  3. If you continue to have a connection problem, then you have to click on skip to continue. After that, you will find that Auto fix runs automatically and solves your problem irrespective of the problem that you are having in the Norton antivirus.
  4. And if the problem is fixed by using Norton auto fix then you have to click on close and enjoy internet access on your device without fear of being attacked by malware.
  5. These steps help you to resolve any issue of Norton automatically but if you find that the technical errors which are not getting resolved completely by using this then you can always take help from our executives of Norton help team who are present round the clock for providing proper assistance.