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If anyone is looking for a great looking printer and want sharp, clear printout then the Epson printer will be the first choice. But if people wonder how to take care of this printer then they must consult with the Epson Technical Support team. Epson has an unquestionable reputation in the printer industry. That’s why Epson users must learn how to handle this printer. In most cases, people start complaining after a few days of purchasing this printer. Those people did not follow proper maintenance procedures which result in different troubles in their printer. That’s why you must follow some technical tips from experts to solve this problem.

Epson Technical Support

According to the Epson Technical Support team, users must check out Printer status. The team provides detailed instructions so that users can do this job without any mistake.

The Detailed Instructions are Mentioned Below:

  • Checking Out Ink Storage:

At first, Epson users need to check out the ink storage. Sometimes they get blank pages as they have the empty cartridge. They should not wait to empty the cartridge fully.

  • Checking Out Printer has been Installed Properly or Not:

According to the Epson Customer Care team, users need to check the replaced part of their printer has been installed properly or not. They need to check that it is working perfectly or not.

  • Find Out the Source of the Error Message:

If the users find out any error message but don’t find anything wrong in printing performance then they can consult with Epson experts instantly. In some cases, showing an error message can create a major issue in the future.

  • Checking Out Print Spooler Service:

Epson Technical Support team also advises that users should check out Epson print spooler service too. To do this, users need to follow a procedure. Users need to press the Windows key on the keyboard and R key together. After that, users need to type “service.msc” on the box of “Run”. Then, users need to press the “enter” key. After that, users need to double click on “printer spooler”. Then users need to be confirmed that the start type is set to the “automatic” option. After that, users need to check that “service status” is in running condition or not. If they find out that service status is not set to automatic then they need to click on the “start” button. After that, users need to click on the “OK” option. Next, users need to check the Epson printer is ok for printing jobs or not. And it will work in a proper way surely.

  • Clearing Clogged Print Head Nozzles:

Epson Printer Support  team also advises that users must check out clogged print head nozzles. But some users believe some myths that print head will never get clogged print head nozzles till they are using genuine or Original cartridge. Some Epson users also believe that they will not get clogged print head nozzles if they keep running print head cleaning cycles. In both cases, users need to bring the print head out and wipe the nozzles. They need to clean the dust of the print head. Epson Technical Support team says that dirty print head nozzles create clogged printer nozzle issue.

  • Using the Proper Size of Paper:

In most cases, people put the wrong size of paper which creates the paper stuck problem. Sometimes people put the papers in the paper tray in the wrong direction which creates paper jam issues too. That’s why the Epson Technical Support team provides awareness about this too.

  • Switching Off the Printer When Not in Use:

All printers have their own system where they run a small print head cleaning cycle (3 print head cleaning cycle is required) when they’re turned on. But to do that, people just need to turn off the Epson printer when it is not in use. Mainly at night, they can switch off the printer. By doing this, people can improve printer performance too.

  • Taking Printout Regularly:

According to the Epson Technical Support team, people must take printout daily basis. By doing this, they can avoid dusting .drying the ink cartridge related issues, etc.

How Epson Technical Support Team Works?

Epson Technical Support team is available for 24×7 hours. They take reasonable charges from all users. People can avail of budget-friendly service package based on their requirements, budget, and time. Epson experts always give instant response whenever users need assistance from them.